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Akashic Records Facilitation

Would you like access to your truth at a soul level?

Do you know your purpose?

Is there an area of life that isn’t flowing?

Do you have relationships or friendships that need healing?

Would you like to release anything you feel is holding you back?

 Is there something keeping you stuck and preventing you from being the most magnificent you possible?

“I would be honoured to activate this sacred process and facilitate a session with you;
to be permitted to access your Akashic Records
which contain all the information of your soul’s journey and wisdom
from your current life, past lives and karmic contracts and much more.
They are the energetic records of your unique soul that hold all information
about the truth of who you really are at your core.”


Here’s what clients have been saying about their Akashic Records consultation with DebS…….

I can’t even begin to say how profound the session we had on Friday was. It’s now Sunday and I’ve just had time to listen to the recording you sent of it. The issue that we dealt with had been so longstanding, and damaging to my family, that I had given up hope, having tried other methods, of getting resolution on it. You exceeded all my expectations, and went into so much detail, without me having to relive the trauma of it. Extra things came up, ensuring the issue was dealt with thoroughly.

I feel physically different, like I am more thoroughly in my body, and that has even impacted other things. You asked me how I wanted to feel afterwards, and one of the things I said was that I wanted to feel lighter, that the burden of this had been lifted. I didn’t make the connection until just now, but one of my other questions for another time had been, why can’t I stop overeating? Well, I do now feel lighter! Both Emotional, Spiritually, and more surprisingly, physically😁

With love and gratitude

Jennine Allen

It was my first experience of an Akashic Records consultation but it won’t be my last. DebS takes you through a beautiful, deeply restorative dive into your energetic souls journey, held and supported with Love and humour to offer incredible guidance and wisdom. This is powerful stuff and I loved it 🙂

Lindsay Randerson

Health & Wellness Mentor, Ways To Wellness

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I am a spiritual channel, a  teacher of many different healing modalities and intuitive development with over 35 years’ experience of working with the spirit world and of recently had an Akashic Records Consultation with DebS.  The whole process was incredible!

Wonderful… from the thorough information sent beforehand, which helped me consider my questions for the reading, the professional reading process and the exceptional healing of ancestral and genetic imprints that took place.  I was able to tune in fully to the process, so actually saw and felt what was happening.

….. I would HIGHLY recommend an Akashic Records Consultation with DebS

Angela Medway-Smith

Cariad Spiritual